A Day In The Life Of Daniel Berger
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Discover what it’s like to be the reigning Rookie of the Year, seeking to build upon a memorable season and achieve continued success in the future.

It takes dedication and drive to play professional golf. Despite last year’s significant accomplishments (Rookie of the Year, 13 Top-25s and 6 Top-10s, including 2 runner-up finishes), Daniel Berger expects more of himself as his career evolves. myRoundPro allows Daniel to track his progress more intelligently, monitor his stats, and help guide his focus to where his game can improve the most.

Remaining in-tune with every aspect of his game through data-driven feedback, Daniel knows where he can get better and where he’s already performing well. With an ability to seamlessly integrate into his life on tour, myRoundPro offers Daniel the competitive edge to perform at the highest level and benchmark his game against the best players in the world.

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